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Back to school..... maybe?!

I can't quite believe the boys go back to school in two weeks, and Bluebell starts pre-school!! It's all I've been wishing for for the last couple of months but now its getting close, I'm starting to feel a little like how it was when they started school for the first time!. On one hand I'm longing for some quiet space to be able to fully focus on building the business, but on the other, I've grown so accustomed to having them around I'm not sure I'll like the quiet after all! My impromptu photo shoots with the children will definitely not be so on hand and I have to say Toby, my eldest has made the most perfect post office runner, taking your orders down to Tommy and Lucy at the shop as the orders come in!! Funnily enough, it struck me the other day how integrated Bring a Book to Life has become in our lives. When I receive an order my phone makes a little 'ba -ding' sound and both myself and the boys always get excited when we hear the noise. This seems to have rubbed off on little Bluebell when upon hearing the 'ba - ding' the other day shouted "ORDER!!!" It honestly does make us all smile and be grateful for your continued support!

I've hit my first couple of bumps in the road (which I'm told is to be expected). Firstly I was really excited to see how being featured on the 'Friends of Joules' marketplace website would grow my audience. Sadly, its been a bit of a non starter and as from next month I've decided it's not the right fit so won't be listed with them anymore.

I've also had a few issues with the pig keyrings featured in the All at Sea 6-8 boxes. It appears that they don't always work straightaway. They come prepackaged so I've been unable to check them but please do let me know if you've received a piggy that doesn't light up or oink!!! I can replace them as have been in contact with the supplier who will supply new ones. Strangely enough they seem to come to life if they are left for 20 minutes or so after pulling the little plastic tab underneath their bellies so if you've been unlucky enough to receive a non-starter give that trick a go!!!

I had secured the book and author signatures for the 6-8 October 'The Space Race' theme and then hit a stumbling block! The title was out of stock with all my stockists and the reprint was not going to be in time for the box release. Luckily I always have a second title up my sleeve for situations like this and I'm happy to say that 'Sam Wu is Not Afraid of Space' has come to the rescue and promises to be a great fun read with loads of opportunities for fun and exciting linked items!

During the last month I've been able to further develop my relationships with the publishing houses, which as an industry seems to be a really friendly place. I've been able to share with them my upcoming themes and they have been really helpful in supplying me with information regarding new releases as well as previous titles that will fit these themes. Believe it or not the Christmas titles are very nearly secured already!!!!

The first 3-5 box seems to have been well received and if you click on the link below it'll show you a little video of Bluebell and myself showcasing the items included! I've set up a Youtube channel that will store all of the unboxing videos on so please subscribe if you are interested!

I can't quite believe that the September boxes will mark 6 months of Bring a Book to Life! Thank you all so much for buying my boxes, the total number of boxes shipped out to you lovely lot is now fast approaching 600!! I came up with the idea in February and feel like I've learnt so much already which will help me to continue to improve and grow the business. If you've a minute I'd love it if you could leave a review on the trustpilot page

Thanks again everyone, I couldn't do it without you!!

Kate x

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Di Yuill
Di Yuill
Aug 22, 2020

Will leave a review now! We love the books and the 2 we ordered as gifts were very well received