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It's the Summer Holidays! Is Reading Important? Take a quick read of our kids summer reading guide!

keeping children reading in the summer
Keep kids reading in the summer holidays

Summer holidays should be a fun and relaxing time for children, but it's important to keep up with their reading skills to avoid the dreaded "summer slide." Here are five ways to help kids summer reading:

📕Visit your local library: Libraries often have summer reading programs that encourage children to read by offering rewards or prizes. They may also have reading lists or book clubs that can help children find books that interest them.

📕Set aside time for reading: Schedule a regular time each day for reading. This could be before bed, after lunch, or any other time that works for your family. Encourage your child to read for at least 20-30 minutes each day.

📕Make reading fun: Reading doesn't have to be a chore! This is what Bring a Book to Life is all about! Choose one of our gift book boxes that will encourage your child to perservere with the story to find out why their accompanying gifts are linked to the book!

📕Read together: Reading aloud to your child can help build their vocabulary, comprehension, and love of reading. Take turns reading pages or chapters, or listen to audiobooks together on a long car trip or during quiet time.

📕Use technology: It's not always the enemy! There are many apps and websites that can help children improve their reading skills.

Let me know what works for your family!

Do your children read over the summer holidays?

  • Not as much as usual

  • More than usual

  • I give them a break and let them choose

  • We schedule it in

If you need any ideas for great summer boxes take a look at the following boxes!

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After reading this blog post I agree that sometimes during the summer months tends to stop. As a teacher I even hear my students say, "I don't have books at home". Or "my parents don't read to me." And it breaks my heart. Reading is essential for student success. I love the ideas you shared like going to the local library, I feel it helps foster the love for reading when children get to pick out books get a library card and learn about all the library has to offer. I would encourage children to read to their younger siblings and focus on reading so many pages a day. I feel we need to be advocates for children an…

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