My children can read. But they didn't always LOVE reading. As a primary school teacher of 15 years I decided to try and find a tangible way in which to engage my children in books. This came about by providing small trinkets and facts to compliment books that we were reading together. I realised that this method captivated their interest and immersed them more deeply in the stories. As they got older and were reading independently I carried this idea forward by leaving small items on their beds that were linked with the themes their books were offering.

Having recently left education it occurred to me that other families may enjoy this concept too and so my business, 'Bring A Book To Life' was born.

Each box has been carefully selected to include items closely linked to the

text and theme of the month. Every effort has gone into sourcing items that

will engage and enthuse your child to read with enjoyment. Each month the

theme and text will change, inspired by dates, festivals and events happening

in real time.

I really hope 'Bring A Book To Life!' brings a new, fun element of reading to

your child. Its a great gift for kids as a single box or as a fabulous children's

book subscription box.

Please share any photos you may have of your children enjoying their box on

our social media pages. We love seeing them!

Happy reading!

Kate Andrews

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