The Space Race 9+ yrs

Wow what a box this is!!!! I might just have to keep them all for myself!! Not really, I'd love it if you'd buy one please!!


Here's what's in your box this month:


  • A welcome letter
  • A paper back copy of See You in the Cosmos
  • A signed postcard from the author Jack Cheng
  • A 'See you in the Cosmos' bookmark
  • An adorable labrador soft toy dog (the cutest soft toy dog yet to be found I believe!)
  • An ipod eraser (very cool according to my 10 year old!)
  • A mini chalkboard
  • An amazing Edu-Sci Rocket model to build
  • And of course a hot chocolate to enjoy!
  • All packaged up in a personalised Bring a Book to Life box


Please note, there are some more grown up themes featuring through this story such as mental health and relationships. The reading age is recommened 9-12  but it's important to give you the heads up!

The Space Race 9+ yrs

Personal note included? (£1.95 extra)
Gift wrapped?




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