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What is Normal Anymore Anyway?!

As we all find our way out of this very strange time in our lives, a new business like Bring a Book to Life that started as the pandemic did, feels rather like starting again. After a year in business I was hoping to be be able to use last years trends to help plan and shape this coming year. However, it seems that as last year was so different there's very little I can use to predict my busy and quieter months after all!

Will we all return to our previous habits and shopping trends or have our behaviours changed for good? I look to myself to answer this question and I suppose for now it's a little bit of both. Certainly for this year we've had to abandon the idea of a foreign holiday and have sadly missed the boat (no pun intended) on anywhere in the UK for the summer holidays, so instead of stocking up on mosquito spray and sun hats, I'm looking for ideas to occupy the children in the upcoming holiday months. No doubt they'll be the annual purchase of a paddling pool, ours never seem to last a summer, and we're lucky enough to have garden space so I'm looking for fun things for them to use outside. But what about those dreaded days, that as May has proved can turn into weeks, where the British heavens open and cabin fever sets in? I'm hopeful that this is where Bring a Book to Life can really help.

For those of you on a UK holiday or at home during the summer months one of our boxes or a monthly subscription is a great back up and the bonus is that it'll keep the children reading through what is traditionally a time when reading can really drop. When I was teaching it was obvious that the longer, dryer days meant that the habit of a snuggly reading session at bedtime or during the evening became few and far between. Understandably so you might say and quite right, how wonderful for children to be out in enjoying the fresh air, mine are the same and I love it. However, as you may or may not be aware reading is singularly the biggest factor to determining academic success in the future of our children. Click on the video below for a little more info on this.

I'm super excited about the coming months and have some fabulous surprises coming your way in the boxes being prepared - July's theme of the Olympics is set to be a HUGE box, I'm really excited to announce more details soon but until I've got said surprise in my hands I'm not going to jinx it!!!

If you haven't tried a Bring a Book to Life box yet, take a look. I see it as a bit of a win win present. Children receive a fun box of goodies that they are excited about (tick) and also,

perhaps more importantly, are actively engaging in great quality fiction books.


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