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The importance of variety and breadth in reading.

A few of my customers have mentioned to me that not only are their children really enjoying the boxes coming through their doors but its exposing children to a wider variety of genres that they would not have necessarily chosen if they were in a book shop or choosing stories online. It's an easy trap to fall in to find an author or series of books that your child enjoys and stick with them. By choosing a Bring a Book to Life box you are offering a wider breadth of literature for your child to be exposed to. It may or may not be the book that they would initially pick from a shelf but as an experienced teacher I am choosing texts that both interest and challenge the child to develop their reading whilst hopefully thoroughly enjoying the experience too!!

Now in month 7 of Bring a Book to Life, to give even more choice and breadth there are many different boxes to choose from for a child you are buying for. The theme idea has evolved a little and at the beginning each theme was directly linked to the month it was featured in. This has slightly altered in the fact that the themes are broad and although a new theme is released each month these are suitable for any time of the year! (Please see images below as a reminder of some of the themes available - Eye of the Tiger and It's a Kind of Magic currently have 10% discount)

That said there is some exciting news coming up relating to a certain event in December! Yes, that's right next month I'll be releasing the Christmas theme and books. They are already decided upon and as usual there will only be a limited amount made. If you are keen to reserve a box now please feel free to email me on with the age box/boxes you are interested in and I can reserve you a box. You will not be obligated at this point to proceed to buy but it would give me a hint as to how many boxes I should be producing!!

Many thanks to all of you on social media who saw my unfortunate timing with advertising and Extinction Rebellion. For those of you who hadn't seen, I had paid a huge chunk of money to advertise in The Times the day that coincided with Extinction Rebellion blocking the distribution of the papers. I was so grateful to all my followers on social media that shared the post as an alternative to advertising. I'm a small business of one (me!) and it was a huge knock and dent in my finances. However, the good news is that the company producing the advert are rerunning it, so time will tell if it pays off! Phew...

These are testing times for all small companies and word of mouth is such valuable tool for getting the message out there about Bring a Book to Life. If you have received one of my boxes and love the idea like I do, please do tell all your friends about it!!

Reviews are also hugely appreciated and can be left on trust-pilot, please see link below

For now as usual please see below a collection of gallery images to enjoy!

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