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May boxes and News!

I write this as I’ve just finished packing up all the 6-8 May boxes ready to ship next week. I’m chuffed to bits that the May boxes sold out so quickly but slightly kicking myself that I didn’t create more at the start! It’s difficult to judge how many to make each month and as the business grows I’m hoping to get the amount just right, therefore I’ve upped the amount made for June by just over a third. Everything has arrived for the June boxes now apart from the letter and postcard from the 6-8 author. Postal services have been fantastic during the pandemic on the whole but I’m slightly on letterbox watch for these to arrive so I can get the images up on the website.

This week I’ve secured the books and authors signatures for July’s theme which is going to be fantastic!! Not going to give it away just yet but will be dropping some hints on social media over the next week or so, keep an eye out! Having the children at home full time is fairly full on and I’m sure we’re all finding it a juggle trying to homeschool and work at the same time. I’m lucky that I have my background in teaching but it’s VERY different trying to teach your own children compared to teaching a class!!! Hope everyone out there is well and coping with the lockdown, all my thanks for to the key workers that are putting themselves at risk every day! Keep well everyone!

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