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Kindness is Contagious and Anti-Bullying.

Hello all! I've been sooooo busy the last few weeks that I realised that I hadn't written on my blog in ages, so I thought I'd pop on and just give an update on all things 'Bring a Book to Life!'

Its been super crazy here as I've needed to compile the Christmas boxes early so basically doubled my workload throughout October creating both the Kindness is Contagious and Believe in the Magic of Christmas boxes ready for sale throughout November and December.

I'm so pleased with how the boxes have turned out and thought I'd spend some time explaining the Kindness is Contagious theme before I move onto Christmas in the next blog (am setting myself a weekly reminder as I write this!)

I veered away from Halloween this year for two reasons: Firstly its just really not my thing and secondly and more importantly I didn't want to let Anti-Bullying week pass me by without creating some wonderful boxes that would be inspired by it. The three books chosen are just brilliant and I was so lucky when researching the authors to realise that Tom Percival, author of the 3+ Meesha Makes Friends, was actually only 4 miles away from me!! I put on my brave hat and asked if he would mind signing the books and not only did he do that but he also did a little doodle in each book too! He's been super busy as he's just created the animation used for BBC Children in Needs trailer -

take a look its just wonderful!

Within this box there's also a really lovely sew your own friend just like the main character does in the story - Bluebell and I did it together and it was just so much fun! I've included some images of the box and a little video I created.

Continuing with the idea of promoting positive mental health I chose the hysterically funny 'Charlie Changes into a Chicken by Sam Copeland. The book had me in stitches all the way through and when l lent it to Wilf to road test within the first two pages he stopped and said 'this book is already REALLY funny Mummy!'. I can't rate it highly enough! Within the selection of linked items I've sourced some wonderful MIND cards which we took out to dinner with us last night. As a family it was so lovely to pull a card that asked us to tell each other something kind. It was a bit of a revelation to see how hard it was for the boys to say nice things to each other as they squirmed uncomfortably in their seats it made me realise how I need to focus a bit on this with them. They are so very good at finding fault in each other, it made me a bit sad they they found it so difficult!

The 9+ Kindness is Contagious has some real gems. Author Onjali Rauf has been so wonderful in writing a personal letter included in each box and been incredibly supportive of the boxes. She contacted me and bought some boxes to send to some special children in her life and I was really touched by the messages she wanted to include. I felt really proud that as the author of this wonderful book she also wanted to share my boxes!! So exciting! The book itself has only just been released and focuses on Anti-bullying and homelessness. The story is told from the perspective of the bully and is so well written that you stick with the character all the way through hoping a praying that he will see the error of his ways and come good....I decided that it was important to give something back with this box so for every box sold £1 will be donated to Crisis UK (the homeless charity) Here is the video of Toby and I talking through the box.

The gift wrap option I have now included seems to be going down really well and means that if you want to send a box as a gift but want it to arrive before the birthday/special occasion there's no surprises spoiled. Do take a look at the website for further info.

I do hope you are all well and getting through this tricky year, I'm really hoping as we all are that things will slowly start to return to normal into 2021, here's hoping....

Thanks for reading and supporting my small business I really do appreciate every single order that pings into my inbox!!!

Next week...... I'm going all things Christmas, see you then!

Kate x

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