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Exciting Things To Come!!

Life continues to be super busy here, trying to grow, continually develop and improve Bring a Book To Life, alongside homeschooling the boys and looking after my two year old, Bluebell. We added potty training to the mix a couple of weeks ago and promptly threw in the towel!! Some things are just too much!!!

It looks like my boys will go back to school in some sort of way in September although they attend a small village primary school and I know they are at full capacity with the 3 year groups they have in at the moment, who knows how it'll all work! So for now my normality is probably very similar to lots of you, with alternating between focusing on working and then teaching equivalent fractions whilst repeating various phrases such as 'would you behave like this at school?' and 'no, you don't need another snack' and 'yes, we are going for ANOTHER walk!'

A couple of things to update you on. Firstly, Bring A Book To Life has been selected by Joules to be a 'Friend of Joules' and is now live on their website. I'm really chuffed that they like the product and feel it fits in with their brand. They will be selling the boxes which tie in with the month we are currently in ie, they won't sell boxes for July, until July etc. They also won't be selling the subscription offers. I'd still love it if obviously you lovely lot could buy your boxes through the main website as it'll give you priority over the boxes coming up and an opportunity to see future themes etc.

The second bit of exciting news is that in August, Bring A Book To Life will be launching its first 3-5 years box!!! I've just put in the order for a new box design (it has to be bigger as picture books are generally a larger shape) but in essence the idea stays the same. Each box will be filled with exciting objects all linked to the story that children can enjoy as they read the text. As many of the age range between 3-5 are non-readers it'll be a text that requires an adult to read it allowed, offering an opportunity for bonding and fun!!

August's first box will fit in with the existing theme 'All at Sea' and is a funny tale with a moral that everyone is different and has their own talents. I just love the title.... 'Barry, The Fish with Fingers' by Sue Hendra.

Boxes will be able to be bought singularly and as part of the family box and subscription packages! Exciting!!!!!!!!!!

Here are a few pics of the month so far.......

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