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Christmas is definitely coming!

I promised a couple of weeks ago to update the blog with a special focus on the Christmas boxes so here they are!!

I tentatively upped my usual amount of boxes created in the hope that they would make great Christmas presents! I'm chuffed to bits to say that 50% have already been sold, which is great, hopefully in the run up to Christmas the remaining boxes will ship off to some great homes to enjoy as Christmas presents, advent boxes or an alternative Christmas Eve box!

Each box is signed by the author (I did a little dance when Axel Scheffler's came through the letterbox!!!) and come with the usual gifts all closely linked to each story. Each of these boxes have a different feel to them, but are equal in their uniqueness.

The 3+ Pip and Posy box is full of fun with obvious links to each part of the story. Children will delight as they turn each page to find something in their special box just like in the book! There are two options to buy with this box, one with a single Pip or Posy (£17.95) and one box at a slightly higher cost (£22.95) including both soft toys. This came about as a few customers emailed me asking to buy the extra teddy, I swiftly put a call into Nosy Crow and ordered more characters and voila the box was created. Thank you to those customers that suggested it, they have gone down very well! Here is a video of Bluebell showing a snippet of what's included! I desperately wanted to show the entire contents of the box but getting a 2 1/2 year old to comply isn't always as easy as I'd hope!

Here's the link to the box with BOTH toys

Here's the link to the single box


The 6+ has a wonderfully, traditional feel to it with the brilliant A Christmas is Time by Sally Nicholls. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and was transported back in history to a Victorian Christmas where traditional games were played and the main event was definitely decorating the Christmas tree! Its a great adventure story too with a storyline that really involves children. Within this box children will receive a memorabilia pack including loads of items from Christmas' past! These packs were hugely successful with the VE day boxes I made back in May, so hopefully children will enjoy them just as much! Also included in this gift is a set of games (linked to the parlour games featured in the story) - I can just see them being played around the Christmas dinner table!! Looking forward to some charades pics!!

Here's the link to buy!


The final Christmas box is full to bursting with festive cheer and includes the brilliant 'The Night I Met Father Christmas' by Ben Miller. The special edition book has just been published and has the most gorgeous golden cover. Each book, as with the others, includes a signed bookplate and is a wonderful story for readers telling the story of Father Christmas using the Christmas, past, present and future format. All the great stuff like reindeers, elves and snowmen feature in this story and therefore this is mirrored in the accompanying gifts! You cannot fail to get in the Christmas spirit with this box and is suitable for all ages if read to by an adult. Its featured in the 9+ box purely for it's length and vocabulary used but the content is perfectly appropriate for all!

Here's the link to buy!


In other news, I was selected by Theo Paphitis (of Dragon's Den) for a Small Business award last week - if you've noticed a new image on the website home screen, that's it!! I'm hugely excited by it and am now in a group where I can gain specialist advice and attend (when they happen again) events where I develop tools to grow and strengthen my small business - yipee!!!

Finally, if you are interested in the subscription side of Bring a Book to Life we have been selected as one of 'The Best Kids Subscription Boxes' by Toppsta, a specialist website devoted to children's books! Read the blog here!

Thank you for reading, watch out for the follow up blog where I'll be letting you into January's New Beginnings theme and books! Can't believe I'm thinking January already!!!

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