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Bring A Book To Life Update!

It's been such a busy time here for Bring A Book To Life! I've been blown away to sell out of the first two months boxes, so have taken a gamble and tripled the stock availability for June, all very ambitious I realise but I really didn't want to disappoint my customers by selling out early again. The boxes are great and filled with so many goodies, they will be a real delight to any lucky children that may receive one!

I sent a family box to Vicki Psarias, an award winning blogger and parenting expert to review. She was sooo lovely about the boxes and really believes in them, which is fantastic. Please read her review on her blog at

She also was kind enough to let me use the fab photos she took so watch this space on the social platforms as I will be using them!

Some exciting news..... A few weeks ago I was contacted by 'Friends of Joules', who asked if I would consider being a seller on their Joules website!!!! After looking into it carefully, I've decided to go with it and the single and family boxes will be going live with them in June! All my regular customers can continue to buy from my website, nothing changes there at all, it's just been such a compliment to be recognised by a brand I know well and admire. Watch this space! I have a zoom call with them later today!!!

Also, worth telling you all, there is a new page on the website 'Quizzes'. Each month I'm uploading a fun multiple choice quiz related to the book that children can have a go at if they wish!! Doing all these quizzes at home with my family made me think that the children may enjoy it as part of their monthly Bring A Book To Life experience!

Hope you are all well and keeping sane. All of my children continue to be at home with me which is a blessing as well as a juggling act. Some days are better than others.....!!!

Be in contact soon!

Kate x

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