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Bring A Book To Life June/July update

I'm so grateful to the lovely customers that keep returning to Bring A Book To Life. It's been so lovely to see that the majority of the people that bought the 3 month subscriptions have returned and continued their subscription for their children. Lots of you that have previously bought a single or family box have now embarked on a subscription or bought again and I just want to say a huge thank you! It really does make me very happy!!

Whilst on the topic of subscriptions, the website provider has now allowed a pay monthly service which means you can sign up to a regular payment knowing that you will receive your box each month until you decide to cancel. The amount for a single box per month is £19.95, which is exactly the same as buying a single box as the delivery is included within this price. The same goes for the family box option at an inclusive price of £35.50. For the time being the 3,6 and 12 month bulk subscriptions will remain in place if you prefer to purchase your boxes in this way.

In other news, the very first 3-5 box is now complete and ready to order!! It's been such fun putting it together and I'm really proud of how it compliments the other boxes also! Check out the shop for further pictures!! One of the items included is a fish finger recipe for children to have a go at making. I wanted to make sure that it worked and was tasty so the children and I did a dummy run. I've included some of the pictures but suffice to say it was a lot of fun and I can vouch for the fact, there are delicious!

I've embarked on beginning a YouTube channel, Bring A Book To Life. The first video shows he unboxing of the 'Eye of the Tiger' boxes. I've got some way to go until I've mastered the whole video thing and the video I'm pretty sure is far too long! Give it a look if you fancy, I'll be uploading other unboxing videos soon and I promise they'll be far shorter!!

We're approaching the summer holidays now and I don't know about you guys but I'm pretty much over the whole Covid 19 homeschooling thing. I think it's probably given traditional homeschooling a bad name as I'm pretty sure the families that are usually homeschooling have a whole load more fun than we have been able to have because of the much needed restrictions. There are positives that I will take from this experience and I'll certainly remember that I was not launching this business alone, no, I had my three little helpers willing and ready to research the books, help me choose topics and their enthusiasm for it has made me proud! I'm longing for some time where I can purely focus on the task in hand though but I wander if actually I'll miss their little faces there all the time. Remind me of that when I'm splitting up the fourth argument of the day or asking them to tidy up after themselves, don't get me started on the increased laundry pile that NEVER ends....!!!!

I hope you are all well and looking forward to the summer holidays, I'm sure to be busy reading preparing some more exciting boxes!!!

Here's some photos from June to have a look at!

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