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And so it begins.....

Hello! I'm so excited to welcome you all to my website and my very first blog!! I've read loads of blogs on other websites but now I'm here sat in front of the computer, I'm struggling to know where to start!! I really hope you all like what you see so far. I'm really proud of how Bring A Book To Life is going and can't believe its only just over a month until my first boxes ship!

I had an email today to let me know that my custom boxes are being delivered on Monday - I cannot wait to see them. It felt a little daunting to order a pallet load of pre-printed boxes when you haven't actually seen one. The order proof looked great, I just hope that they are what I've envisaged - I'll let you know! Once they're here I can start putting together the launch boxes. All of the amazing goodies I've sourced have arrived and are filling the shelves, here's a sneak preview of a couple of the items going in the 9-12 box!!

I've been in two minds as to how much information on the goodies to give away. On one hand I'd like to keep it all a surprise for the recipient to discover when they receive their box, but on the other I want my customers to know what good quality goods they are getting and to feel reassured that they aren't going to get a box of tat!! What do you all think? I'd love some feedback!!

See below for my latest Instagram, Twitter and Facebook advert. Please take a moment to like the page on our social pages if you can. Hope to see you all there (is that a thing you say with social media? It sounds good anyway....!)

Kate x

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