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These wonderful boxes are aimed at children 3+ years with wonderful books to share with an adult and a range of interactive and fun items to Bring the Book to Life! Watch as your child falls in love with books and the fun that can be made with them! 

Independent Readers

Designed for children who have begun their reading journey these boxes contain chapter books suitable for children 6+ years old. Let your child discover the links to their items included in the box as they read the book or share the experience together!

Reluctant Readers

Also Dyslexia Friendly, these boxes are designed for children who are discouraged by long books. The books are shorter in length, printed in larger font and printed on cream, matt paper . The boxes are aimed at children between 8 and 12 although the content will suit older children also.

Confident Readers

Perfect for bookworms, these boxes feature books suitable for children looking for a challenging read. With book titles suitable for readers ready to take on longer books with content suitable for ages 10-13 years.

How it works

Each Bring a Book to Life box is filled with a book, author signatures/letters and items all associated with each story.

New box themes are released every month and you can either buy as part of a subscription or on a single basis. Once ordered your box is secure. We only make a limited number of boxes each month, in order to avoid disappointment we encourage orders as soon as possible for an upcoming box release. Previous boxes remain on sale and can be shipped immediately until their availability runs out. We often have a wide choice of boxes to choose from and boxes are not month specific.

New box themes are shipped at the beginning of each stated month. We are constantly looking to find the best shipping rates available to you, as shipping is an extra cost. Please see FAQ. Previous boxes and boxes sold within the month are shipped immediately.

Boxes can be purchased on a one off single box basis or through 3,6 and 12 month subscriptions. If you wish to spread the cost of a subscription you can guarantee your box by signing up to the 'Pay Monthly' option. There is also an option to buy a subscription gift voucher. These can all be found clicking the link below:





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