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We make boxes produced for children aged 3+, 6+and 9+ years and designed to fit around a theme inspired by real events or celebrations happening in the UK or around the world. High quality, age appropriate texts are then chosen to match the idea. We get busy reading these books and drawing out key points and information, that we can then link inspiring and fun additional items to.

Each box is filled with the text and the goodies associated with the story, all aimed at bringing the book to life and adding a tangible element of fun. We are lucky enough to usually get signed postcards from our amazing authors too - all included in the price! 

New box themes are released every month and you can either buy as part of a subscription or on an ad hoc basis. Once ordered your box is secure. We only make a limited number of boxes each month, in order to avoid disappointment we encourage orders as soon as possible for an upcoming box release. Previous boxes remain on sale and can be shipped immediately until their availability runs out. We often have a wide choice of boxes to choose from and boxes are not month specific so you will have a wide range to choose from!

New box themes are shipped at the beginning of each stated month. We are constantly looking to find the best shipping rates available to you, as shipping is an extra cost. Please see FAQ. Previous boxes and boxes sold within the month are shipped immediately.

Boxes can be purchased on a one off single box basis or through 3,6 and 12 month subscriptions. If you wish to spread the cost of a subscription you can guarantee your box by signing up to the 'Pay Monthly' option. 

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